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Mohawk College RPN

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Does anybody know when Mohawk starts sending out acceptances to the RPN program for September start? I did my HOAE test a week ago, I know i won't find out this month. I am just really eager to know! haha

Thank you!! :)


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I am currently in semester 2 of the Mohawk RPN program. I wrote my HOAE last year, and I did well and applied with good high school marks, and didn't get an acceptance letter util early-mid March

Hi, I took my HOAE last week as well, and I got my result two days ago. You can check MOCOmotion and the scores are listed there now. I am also applying to RPN at Mohawk this fall to start. Hope we both get acceptance.

I hope so to!! :) Good luck!

I applied as well good luck to all of us...offers start going out Mar 13...how did you guys do on your hoae and what was your HS average?