Mistake with new job?


Here's my issue in a nutshell, when I was in school I had an "internship" at a LTC, i made a med error and was fired. No harm came to the patient and I admitted full responcibility for my mistake. I had asked my then supervisor what I should do, how I would get a new job? She stated that i didn't have to put the facility on my resume, so I didn't. Well, now I've been hired at a new job, and they think that I've been off work for the past few months because of school, partially true. I am so afraid that my new employer will find out and I will lose my new job. i have asked so many people what to do and they all say that because the former employer told me not to put in on my resume that I'm covered. HELP!


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None of your choices are as bad as you think.

I'm a new grad so take my advice with a grain of salt, but...

#1 - I know fellow nurses who honestly admitted being fired for med error in an interview, and still got hired no problem. The interviewer said, "anybody who says they never made a med error is lying!"

32 - The other choice is not to say anything. Here in N.J., there are laws against giving a bad reference because it can be misconstrued. It is actually so protective that that SOB Angel of Death could not be prevented from getting new jobs repeatedly! I'm not saying I agree with the laws, but they were there to protect people like you who have made errors, owned up to them, and wanted to move on. If the facility didn't report you to the Board of Nursing, I assume they trust you to work again. Just trust yourself...

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