Misspelled Name + License Verification

U.S.A. Illinois


I received my IL license a couple weeks ago, but it wasn't until NOW that I noticed my name is spelled wrong by ONE letter! This is so frustrating, especially since I'm in the middle of endorsing my license to California. Has anyone had this happen to them before? So far, since it is passed working hours, I emailed IDFPR on their website about the problem, but I'll probably give them a call tomorrow anyway....if somehow I can get a hold of them.

I do have a question for any of you who had to send an official license verification to somewhere before, especially in California. I understand that on http://www.idfpr.com you can type in one's license and it's official to verify it, but the CA BON wants it sent officially from IL dept. Has anyone had this problem? What did you do?

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