What nursing school in Springfield would you recommend?

  1. Okay right now I'm applying to take a few pre-reqs at OTC for the ASN in Nursing.
    After I finish the pre-reqs what college would you recommend completing my degree at:
    stay at Ozark Tech College, Missouri State University, Cox College of Nursing, or St. Johns College of Nursing?
    Also, what classes do you recommend taking first? I'm kinda nervous..

    Have any of you done the Medical Explorers program at St.Johns or Cox? If so, what is it like? What do you do?

    I'm new to nursing school, so your help is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   labchic
    What is this Medical Explorers? I've never heard of it. I'm taking pre-reqs at OTC right now too. I'm hoping to get into the OTC program but I'll go to to wherever they will take me. I hear good things about OTC and ST Johns. Those are my two top choices. Good luck!
  4. by   Aurora77
    I'm finishing up my pre-reqs at OTC right now and start their LPN program this fall. I've had great experiences with my pre-req classes, so I think my nursing experience will also be a good one.

    I started with Intro to Chem; the decision to start my pre-reqs last fall was kind of last minute and that was the only class I could fit into my schedule. I took Bio 120, Anatomy and Physiology this past spring. I loved it; it was tough, but I had a great teacher. My only recommendation is that if you've got a year before you're applying to nursing school at OTC, don't take Bio 120. Take either Anatomy and then Physiology or A&P I and A&P II. It'll save you a little money. The Bio 120 class I took is good enough to get into the LPN program, but to get into the RN program, you have to take Physiology too. That means paying for a couple of extra credit hours. I was trying to rush things a bit, so it was worth it to me. I'm taking Nutrition right now.
  5. by   labchic
    Hi Aurora! We've talked on here before, do you remember? So you got into OTC for the fall? How exciting for you!! Congrats. So, how hard was it to get in? I'm taking physiology next semester and I rcvd a B in Anatomy. Do you think that getting a B will kill my chances? Just curious. Once again...congrats on getting into the program!
  6. by   Aurora77
    Hi Labchic, what physiology class are you taking? I'm taking it too, as a pre-req for the RN program. I tried to rush things a bit by taking 120--A&P, so I have to have the extra hours.

    I don't know about the B. I wouldn't think it should hurt you. I hope not anyway.

    They had 230 applicants for the Springfield program, but I heard only about 60 for the Reeds Spring program (and 40 spots).

    Thanks, BTW. I'm starting to order my books; it's becoming more real. I'm getting excited but nervous!
  7. by   labchic
    I'm actually taking my Physiology at Cox because OTC didn't have a night class for the following semester. I didn't want to wait a semester to take it so I'm biting the bullet and paying more so I c an get it over with. I don't know if it is the best decision, but it's a decision.
  8. by   maggiernpainnurse
    I would suggest going to www.pr.mo.gov/ on the tool bar select the professions drop down arrow, choose E-O for Nursing. Then click on Schools of Nursing when the page comes up select Pass Rates and check the different schools. :typing I would use this information when you choose the school.
  9. by   Aurora77
    Quote from labchic
    I'm actually taking my Physiology at Cox because OTC didn't have a night class for the following semester. I didn't want to wait a semester to take it so I'm biting the bullet and paying more so I c an get it over with. I don't know if it is the best decision, but it's a decision.
    I know what you mean about getting it over with. That's why I went the route I did with A&P. Sure it's a few extra credit hours, but I was able to apply to school a semester sooner. Good luck!
  10. by   LCGrace
    The Medical Explorers program is a volunteer-type program that allows people interested in Nursing as a career. From what I understand, you do a more hands-on role compared to other volunteer programs. Hope that made sense. You can find it on St. Johns or Cox's hospital website.

    I've decided that I'm going to go with Cox College of Nursing, but they told me that they do their general ed/pre-reqs through Drury - which is waaay too expensive for me. So I think I'm going to get the majority of them done through OTC. I have a few done already at my old college I went to in New Hampshire when I was a business major (English, Psychology, Sociology, Math, IT, Philosophy..etc). Do they actually do all of their General Eds at Drury, or do they do them on their hospital campus?

    But for those of you that have already started/completed your pre-reqs/general ed is there a special order you would recommend them? I have to take:
    Anatomy (do you recommend doing Anatomy and Physiology seperately, or do you recommend doing them together as in A&P1 / A&P2)

    I only need one of the science courses to apply to the Cox program, but I'm thinking about going ahead and doing all because the admission for the January 2011 program starts in August 2010. I might as well be getting them done instead of waiting. I'll be starting my classes at OTC in January 2010

    Thanks everyone!
  11. by   whipping girl in 07
    I've worked with graduates from all those programs (well, not sure about OTC, I don't know how long they've had an RN program) and they all seemed well prepared. Good luck to you!!!
  12. by   yetanotheramanda
    If you are looking at Cox College I would recommend applying for the nursing program early. Don't wait until you're prereq's are done. There were girls in my class in 4th semester still taking nutrition!
    Don't get me started on what BS that was....but I'm just saying that if all your pre-req's are done and you haven't applied for matriculation yet, you may be sitting out a semester (or more) before being accepted to the nursing program.