What is the night differential for RN (BSN) at Saint Luke's Hospital?

  1. I am considering job opportunities and was wondering what is the night differential for a nurse with a BSN who works for Saint Luke's health system. (Both the plaza and east (Lee's summit) location. Is it the same for every floor. How much is a starting base salary for a new grad there (hourly and annual) and how much is the average salary (annual and hourly) for nurses there in general. Thank you!
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  3. by   JoshSellman
    Starting pay for new grad nurses is $22.75 then in 6 months goes to $23.20. Night diff is $4 weekend diff is $2. Not sure about weekend only diff. Can't say I know about nurses but that have been there awhile. They have four levels of RN's and each time you promote it's a 4% increase in pay. Then if you get certified it's a $0.50 raise in pay. Plus you'll get your annual raises too. You can figure out annually off that. 36 hours a week, pay periods are 72 hours

    All the hospitals start the same for new grads. They also have incentive shifts (for when you're out of orientation) that can pay 150 or 300 extra on top of your hourly and OT pay. Hope this helps!
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    Also it doesn't matter if you're an ADN-RN or a BSN-RN you'll still get paid the same base pay. Other hospitals start new grads from 21-23 and some change an hour.
  5. by   listener
    Just for context if it helps, here are the differentials for Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Note: I believe that they haven't gone up in over a decade!! When you factor in inflation, night and evening workers are not nearly being compensated as well as they once were, not at least at BJH:

    Diff Evening: $2.40 (5pm - 11pm)
    Diff Night: $2.90 (11pm - 7am)
    Diff Weekend: $2.40 (11pm Fri - 7am Mon)

    (Yes, for a weekend evening, the total differential would be $4.80, and night $5.30)