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Hi. I am new to this website - I just registered today. I am starting the nursing program at St. Charles Community College this Fall semester. I have read over the program information for both... Read More

  1. by   tidebeckons
    Hey, can't remember.. can we still sign upf or Tools for Success in ADN Program, the summer '11 course? I'll check, just thought some of you all might now.

  2. by   futurenurseya33
    Yes if there is space available you can still sign up for the class. They make you come all the way to the campus to sign up though. It was a real ordeal. They had no idea that I was accepted into the program. They wanted proof that I had been accepted. It was very odd.
  3. by   tidebeckons
    Thanks.. I now remember that tidbit within the letter saying I have to register on site for the class. I guess I'll have to do that when I go in next, which is later this week. I remember when I was taking my first science courses, they made me come to campus and sign up for lab and lecture. Didn't think that would be an ordeal anymore.

  4. by   TeleNurse2010
    Quote from ydbush30
    Thanks for the great advice! I honestly don't know how this is going to work for me. But I want this so much and my job is very flexible right now so hopefully its going to work out. Congrats on graduating from a tough program. Are you liking being a nurse so far?
    Yes, I like being a nurse. I have good days and bad days, but for the most part I am happy with my decision to become a nurse. I love learning, and you definitely will continue to learn something new every single day. We never stop learning. Anyway, congratulations again and good luck!
  5. by   paramedical_girl
    Tidebeckons-yes, to register for tools for success, you have to go the nursing ofice and get a signature (they check to be sure you are one of those accepted for the program). The lady that signed for me said that this is so people dont register for it that don't need it..?

    Telenurse 2010- thanks for your input to us "newbies."Any advice for us? Are the instructors helpful there for those that want the help?
    Thanks for any more input you can give
  6. by   futurenurseya33
    Telenurse 2010-I'm also interested in how everything went for you at SCCC. What were the clinicals like? Did it seem like nursing school just took up all your time? Personally, I'm thinking of moving to St Charles because it would be a lot easier on me. I live in St. Louis. To everyone else....see you at orientation Thursday!
  7. by   tidebeckons
    Hey, what did you think of orientation yesterday?
  8. by   futurenurseya33
    I thought that it was very interesting. My insurance will not cover any of the vaccinations that are needed. My doctor wanted to know why they wanted the titer for the MMR because you only need that vaccine once in your lifetime. I'm going to check with the health department to see how much they charge. What did you think of everything?
  9. by   tidebeckons
    Well, if we have had MMR as a child, then our shot records (if we have them) will show the dates in which they were administered. I would think that that would be sufficient as opposed to getting a titer; it doesn't seem necessary if we can provide documentation through our shot records that we have been vaccinated previously for the MMR. I still don't know if I can access my shot records from years ago. Going to begin looking into that Monday.

    I thought the orientation was interesting and very informative. I'm doing everything within my power to get a bangup deal on my books, even if I purchase the previous editions of the ones that are available. Just don't want to end up cutting myself short in case there's something important missing in the previous edition that is only available in the newest.

    So, yeah!
  10. by   tidebeckons
    Also, I was going to look into the health dept, as well, but if I am in need of a titer in case I can't access my immunizations from past, then I am trying to look into clinics in the area (ie. Crider Health) as they offer medical services and some immunization services to people for a sliding fee (those who don't have health insurance).
  11. by   paramedical_girl
    yea I am not looking forward to getting all the immunizations. going to get them over with! yes, the books are very expensive, I wonder if the place around the corner from school sells them any cheaper? I have never been there before but several people have said they get good deals on books there. what are your schedules like? I have mon and tues lecture 4-5:50 pm, tues lab 1:00, and clinicals thurs and fridays 7-12, definitely will be interested in getting a study group together in the fall
  12. by   tidebeckons
    I got M, W lecture from 10-11:50, Tues lab 10-11:50 and Wed/Thurs clincal from 3pm-8pm. I had to register at 6am on the dot to get into those evening clinicals. It was well worth it, as there is no possible way for me to do 7am with the time I need to get to clinicals and arranging that around my daughter. It seems like a fairly light schedule vs. what I will probably be seeing in Spring '12, so for that, I'm relieved.

    Going to try to get my immun.'s and textbook business taken care of well before July, as well.
  13. by   futurenurseya33
    @Paramedical Girl I don't know about the book place around the corner. What is the name of it? I'm interested in checking them out. As for the immunizations, I have an appointment to get the titers done on Friday to see if i have the immunity. But I will get all the vaccines from the health department because my insurance doesn't cover them. Also I'm thinking of moving to St. Charles County because it would save me so much money and time in the long run.