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Hi. I am new to this website - I just registered today. I am starting the nursing program at St. Charles Community College this Fall semester. I have read over the program information for both... Read More

  1. by   futurenurseya33
    Hi! Congrats on being accepted! I'm doing this in the evenings. So i'll be in the lecture Monday and Tuesday 4-5:50, lab Monday 6-7:50 and clinical Wednesday and Thursday 3-8.
  2. by   paramedical_girl
    hi ydbush! sounds like we will all have class together mon and tues 4-5:50 then. will you be at the orientation may 5th?
  3. by   futurenurseya33
    Hi! Yeah I'll be there. I think that letter said orientation is mandatory. They will be taking attendance!
  4. by   paramedical_girl
    yep. I will be there too
  5. by   tidebeckons
    Hey! will be at orientation next Thursday, the 5th too. Thanks for the congrats, nice to see some fellow classmates here before everything actually begins!

  6. by   barnettdcm
    I just have a question for all of the SCCC Nursing students. What were the requirements to be put on the waitlist? I know at STLCC you have to have Chemistry, Biology done before you can apply and be waitlisted. Is this the same for St. Charles?
  7. by   tidebeckons
    You should apply for the program as soon as you can. There's an app. fee of $25 (as of Dec. 2009 which is when I applied). As far I know, you don't have to have any of the science courses out of the way before you can apply and be put on the waitlist. If you are still in need of all your pre-requisites, just make sure that for the following year in which you wish to apply for the nursing program, so now (for Fall 2012) it is important you have those general eds finished by the time you enter.

    Note: It is always best to talk to the Nursing adviser/counselor. They can lead you in the right direction about all of that.

    Hope that helps.
  8. by   tidebeckons
    In addition to what I just wrote, I have heard that StlCC is very competitive with entrance, and they may be a little more stringent in what they expect ahead of time.

    If you would be interested in applying at SCCC, it would definitely be a great decision; I have heard from so many about how SCCC puts out some of the top nurses out there.
  9. by   barnettdcm
    Thanks for your quick reply! I've been going back and forth between UMSL and Maryville and ideally I want to stick with UMSL since i've taken just about all of my prereqs there and I know that eventually I want my bachelors but after talking to the Maryville advisor and being really frustrated with that, I want to have a back up. I'm at SCCC now finishing A&PII and I do love the school so i'm thinking about just sticking with them. The only science class that I haven't taken is Chemistry--because I hate chemistry--so I haven't been able to apply to STLCC yet. I'm going to call tomorrow and make an appointment with an advisor at St. Charles. Thanks for your help!
  10. by   futurenurseya33
    I've heard that about Stlcc too. I have a friend that is in that program. Also that program is a full time day program unlike SCCC which can also be taken during evenings.
  11. by   TeleNurse2010
    Quote from ydbush30
    I was looking at the schedule online and I'm not sure how i'll be able to work 40 hours with the mixture of times. This is definitely going to be tough for me. But I'm so excited. I can't wait!

    Congratulations! I graduated from SCCC in May of last year and am coming up on my first year anniversary as a RN. Attending the school was a great experience, but also very difficult. The program is very demanding and will require a whole lot of your time. I don't want to make you worry, but I will say that many people do fail out of the program, and you have to be very careful with working those kinds of hours and going to nursing school. It can be done, as there are people who do it (but they also have very strong support systems). I personally know of two people who failed out while trying to work full time jobs, but I also know of people who had part time or no jobs and failed out, so it's really up to you and how bad you want to be a nurse. Just know that this program will be one of the hardest, but rewarding things you will ever do. You will have lab skills to study and practice, clinicals to attend and assignments to turn in every week, in addition to lectures, projects, and tests. Manage your time wisely, and prepare to study your butt off for the next two years. This site was a great resource to me when I began nursing school and even now, so I encourage you to navigate through it to learn about nursing school and the nursing profession. Good luck to you all who are embarking on this journey!
  12. by   TeleNurse2010
    Quote from ydbush30
    I've heard that about Stlcc too. I have a friend that is in that program. Also that program is a full time day program unlike SCCC which can also be taken during evenings.
    It's true that SCCC has some evening courses, but keep in mind that only a certain number of people, usually no more than 20-25, can sign up for a class section. So, if you register after the evening classes fill up, then you are out of luck, because they will not make an exception. You have to prepare to take classes either time of day, just in case you cannot get the class you want. One trick I learned was to register at midnight on the days that registration opens. That way, I was one of the first to register and most of the time I got my classes.
  13. by   futurenurseya33
    Thanks for the great advice! I honestly don't know how this is going to work for me. But I want this so much and my job is very flexible right now so hopefully its going to work out. Congrats on graduating from a tough program. Are you liking being a nurse so far?