1. Anyone work at Skaggs in Branson? What about somewhere in Springfield? We're interested in moving to the area, but I was wondering what conditions are like in the area, especially ERs. What are the staff to patient ratios like? Do you get stuck boarding admitted patients forever in the ER? Any information is appreciated!
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  3. by   mom2michael
    Skaggs is going thru growning pains and massive management changes in their ER. The good goes with the bad and I've heard mixed results. They've also added some very top notch ER (and other) docs who are adding and mixing the place up a bit.

    The standard ratio in this area is 1:4 but that isn't the case 24/7 no matter where you go. There are always exceptions to the rule.

    Cox is a Level II Trauma Center. Never worked there....don't know too much about it.

    St. John's is a Level I Trauma Center and the hospital itself is almost done with their new expansion making it a very large hospital. That facility team nurses and has "pods" of 10 rooms plus hallway beds and then staffing to go along with it. I believe it's 1 doctor, 2-3 RN's and 1 tech per pod but I'm sure that changes based on the acuity of the room and/or the time of day. I work for St. John's but in an outlying facility far away from the "big house".
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    Cox is very good, I went to there nursing school and that was the first hospital I worked in before moving to st.louis.