penn valley nursing students please help

  1. i got into the lpn program for fall 08 and i was planning on working until than but my question is do you have the still be enrolled in school for them to hold your spot or can you go on stop going to school until you start LPN classes.
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  3. by   shoegalRN
    What classes are you taking right now? Are they pre-req's like your science classes? I would think if you have a spot in the program, they will hold it until you have passed all your pre-req's and turned in all info (shot records, background check, etc) by the first day school starts. This is usually how it works. I'm not a Penn Valley nursing student, but I am a Research College of Nursing student and this is how it works there. You can stop going to school if all your pre-req's are finished and all you are doing is waiting until school starts. But I will tell you, if you get a spot in the program, you need to take it for THAT year because if not, there are others on the waiting list just waiting for someone to drop. I think most nursing programs will only hold your spot for the year you plan on attending, not future years (if this is what you are asking).

    I hope this helps.