Nurse staffing ratios for LTC?

  1. Does anyone know where I can find the nurse staffing ratios for Missouri LTC facilities? I am specifically interested in midnight shift staffing requirements. We have 42 residents.

    If you know, please post the link here. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   Bird2
    The Missouri Department of Public Health should have the guidelines on their website. The State guidelines are the mininum requirements for LTC staffing. The Illinois guideline is a formula that figures in the acuity of the care for the residents. I'm assuming that all States have the same type of requirements. Hope this helps.
  4. by   Michelle.
    i believe in Missouri, they go by regional departments... this last facility i worked for tried to tell me that 1 cna, 1 med tech, and 1 lpn was efficient for state on a hall of 35 total care residents on the 2-10 shift... WE (us cna's) argued the point that we needed 4 full time cna's on that hall to get our work done efficiently. There was just absolutely no way we could with 3 cna's, let alone 2. I mean how does 2 aides get 35 total care residents up and ready for supper in one hour? especially if the dayshift crew leaves us 4 showers? It was a headache most days i was there. Im glad its behind me... I did hear that they were getting better staffed, but i wonder if it was just because all of us "dependable" aides had finally quit.

    The place i'm working for now- We have an area with maybe 80 residents, and most nights (midnights) have 3 aides on the weekends, but usually 4-5 during the week.