Newly Licensed RN, Being turned down for new grad positions, HELP, Advice??

  1. I took and passed NCLEX-RN in December 2009 and have applied to all the surrounding KC hospitals. I am still working as an LPN b/c I can't seem to even get an interview. The facility I work at currently there is only one RN and the rest of us are LPN's so there is no room for career advancement. I have applied for anything and everything. I really wanted to do NICU,PEDS, or OB but I know in this economy you have to take what you can get and I would be happy to at this point but I can't even get an interview. I apply. I call to find out who to address my cover letter and sometimes the person on the other is rude and generally I don't get a name so I have to use the generic "dear hiring manager". I have been an LPN for 3 years but this doesn't seem to count for anything as far as getting an RN position. I have had my resume and cover letter reviewed and was told my resume is outstanding and they re-worded my cover letter to make it sound better. I didn't go to school around here so I feel like that is another strike against me b/c I know many employers hire the students who did clinicals with them. I kind of expected to be turned down for regular RN jobs but I'm getting turned down now for GN med-surg night positions which I heard used to be super easy to get. I have tried to call to find out why I wasn't even selected for an interview and get advice on what I need to do to make myself more desirable but they don't answer the phone or call back. Employers want experience but my LPN experience doesn't seem to be good enough and how am I supposed to get this experience if they won't give me a chance? Maybe they are only wanting BSN's? I am starting a BSN program in May but I am frustrated and disappointed to have worked this hard to obtain a goal and my RN license and not even be able to use it. At this point I am wondering why I ever left the Air Force and will consider going back full time guard or reserve once I get my BSN. Every LPN position I've had including my current one I walked in, applied, met the DON and was hired. I have a great work history and track record, excellent references so I beg you, someone, anyone please give me some advice???? I just don't know what else to do.
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