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  1. Hi, nice to find such an informative site! I am new grad LPN in SW Mo and need to find out pay scales in this area, AVA/Gainesville. Would like to do office work to get a more rounded experience than long term care offers. Would like to eventually travel but need to get my feet wet. lol. Should I go to Springfield and get into hospital to prepare for traveling? Not sure, so many options. I am interested in making good salary + benefits. I could work in Arkansas but would have to get license there but the cost is holding me back at this time.
    Just looking for ideas from some with experience in this area. Thanks :mortarboard:
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  3. by   mom2michael
    If you go to Cox's webpage and search - you'll see the starting salary for LPN positions there. It is one of the only hospitals in the Springfield/Joplin area that post the pay scale- that will give you a ballpark and at least you can start to neg. your pay if you at least know what the places start at.

    Generally speaking, you can expect about $1.00-$2.00 less per hour to work in an office, but you work 8 hour days, no nights, no weekends and no holidays.......

    Have you thought about MRC in Mt. Vernon? They also post their pay ranges for both RN's and LPN's on their website and it's pretty decent. You get lots of well rounded care there and it's a nice facility with lots of different options.

    Good luck!!