How long does Missouri license endorsement take?

  1. Has anyone recently applied for an RN license endorsement into Missouri? I looked all over the forum and I can't find a time frame. I know that they require finger prints (digital or on a card), transcripts, application, $55, and copy of current license which are all done.

    Just curious how long it took to get your temporary or permanent license after you sent in all your stuff...

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   Patrickmurse
    It took me about two weeks to get my temporary license and thats the length I was told when I called MO Nursing Board and asked. I was also told that I could just show up at their office with my RN license from another state and fill out an application and receive a temporary license the same day...?

    On average, the processing time for a nursing license in Missouri is 30 to 45 days. Applications that that require review by the Licensure committee will take up to four months before processing can occur.
  4. by   Jamessp
    Thanks for the quick reply! I got a job in MO so just waiting on the license. I guess I could call them tomorrow, but do you know if there are any stipulations on the temporary license?
  5. by   Patrickmurse
    Only stipulations is that it doesn't necessarily mean you will qualify for a Permanent Missouri license and its only good for 6 months. But you can practice as a RN. On the temp. permit it says "The applicant named below may practice as a Registered Professional Nurse in the State of Missouri."
  6. by   Jamessp
    I spent about 2 hours online looking for answers to these questions and you answered them in 30 minutes, I appreciate the help!
  7. by   WalkieTalkie
    I don't know if anyone has any suggestions for me, but here's my story... I am currently licensed in Nebraska and I moved to Kansas a week ago. However, I will be working in Missouri. Initially I was told that I could work with my Nebraska license for 30 days until I got my endorsement. Apparently I don't qualify for the 30 day grace period of working in Missouri with my current compact license because I live in Kansas (a non-compact state). I'm so incredibly frustrated.

    My Nebraska license expires on October 31st. I had originally inquired with Kansas about whether or not I needed a license here too. They acted like I needed a Kansas license to be endorsed in Missouri. I got all the paperwork filled out for Kansas, thinking I'd apply for my Missouri license once I moved because I believed I could work for 30 days on my current compact license. Unfortunately, I later found out that I don't even need a Kansas license! Thankfully, I hadn't sent in the paperwork for Kansas before finding out that I didn't need it.

    I was completely misled by the Missouri BON's website regarding my compact license. I even called their robophone and it basically states something to the effect that one can work with a current compact license from another compact state. I finally got a hold of someone from the Missouri BON by e-mail, and she said I can't work with my Nebraska license since I now live in Kansas

    I'm set to start hospital orientation on Monday. I'm extremely worried that I will be in trouble or out of a job because I don't yet have my Missouri endorsement. I sent in all my paperwork sans the fingerprints Tuesday. I wasn't able to get a fingerprint appointment until this afternoon. I guess I'll just call the Missouri BON after I get printed and let them know I'll be mailing them my receipt. I really hope that they can get me a temporary license quickly.

    I'm kind of freaking out here, and I feel like an imbecile for being so mistaken about this whole process. I guess I don't understand why it matters where I live for 30 days since I still have a valid Nebraska nursing license and it's a compact state. I completely understand the need to endorse my license in Missouri, but why can't they let me use my current license? Does anyone have any suggestions? :smackingf

    This is why every state needs to be a compact state! There's a reason we all take the same test!!!! *sigh*
  8. by   Patrickmurse
    You can get your temporary liscense if you drive to jefferson city with all of your information and get it the same day. I think its everything you would normally need except for your fingure prints and school transcript. I would call and ask them what you need to bring.
  9. by   WalkieTalkie
    Thanks for the tip... I will give them a ring!
  10. by   WalkieTalkie
    Wow, called the Missouri BON today and spoke with a super friendly lady who was glad to help me out. She said as long as she can verify my Nebraska RN online, I should have a temp license by the end of the week. Great news!