hourly rates for CNA's in kansas city, mo?

  1. hi friends!

    Can anyone here tell me what the hourly rate / salary is for CNA's around KC, MO? Which hospital pays what rate, will help greatly too. Do any of you think it is worth doing a CNA then bridge program to RN, rather than straight to ASN? I aimed to start my ASN in the fall, but i think i want to get into nursing a.s.a.p. One reason is coz i'm fed up with working in a hotel (front desk) where I have to deal with really horrible guests yelling at the most silly things . The thing is i'm 7 months pregnant right now, another reason why i had to wait for the fall semester to really get back in school, but gosh I get so stressed out with mean irrational guests, i feel so sorry for my baby who's in utero and has to suffer from my rising stress levels . I know nursing can be stressful too but I enjoy taking care of unwell people , and I'm not so sure what happens to some people when they are on vacation, but they seem to lose their sense and respect for humankind, something i dont expect to see from patients...

    thank you in advance for all your input! you are all soooo nice from what i've seen on this site
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  3. by   Nurse2bducky86
    Well from what I know NKCH starts around $9.40 for those straight out of the program, agency like Zach group can get you up to $17 but you have to do your part in LTC.

    The time it takes to get your BSN is essentially the same with or without your CNA its whether you have your ADN or not that shortens the time. Basically the rule of thumb is that the only way you can shorten time is to have gone to school for the level below ie CNA shortens LPN time LPN time shortens ADN time etc.

    As a cashier I got some pretty nasty people too and I thought it would all change when I started nursing...I was wrong very very wrong!!! It never goes away...some people seem to think they are in a hotel when they are in the hospital and expect just as much room service as they would in a hospital. They can expect some pretty irrational things when they are here expecially with the meds they THINK they need (thanks to sites like WebMD they are now able to "self diagnose" or so they think)

    BY all means I am not trying to discourage you from becoming a nurse if thats what you feel your calling is but customer service to errogant, annoying, and pushy people is a big part of nursing. Nursing is a wonderful life style and has great opportunities I just dont want someone who doesnt know what to expect to spend all that money and energy and stress on something they dont like.