Goldfarb Accelerated program in Summer 13

  1. Hi there, My name is Nina. I am new here. I was wondering if any body starts the Nursing at Goldfarb Accelerated program in Summer of 2013.
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  3. by   davidsam
    Hey Nina, my name is Angie. I am starting the ABSN program in May (Summer 2013). It sounds like we'll be pretty busy!
  4. by   RNstudent88
    Hi Angie, Yes, I think so. I heard that the program is very intense. All we can do is to eat, sleep and study. I am so excited and really looking forward for it. I am still taking pre-req classes this semeter. How's about you?
  5. by   kkg1901
    I would seriously look at other schools... it's the worst school that I've ever attended... my entire class has voiced the same. The grading scale will kill you unless you are a GREAT test taker... the entire program is based on tests. 78% test avg to pass the class... which doesn't sound bad, but some classes only have 3 test and then a final that isn't even written by your instructor so it may be something you are familiar with, but most likely you won't have a clue. The teachers are not at all considerate with grading, there is no gray area just 78% and if you are at a 77.9... they won't round or anything. It's a terrible waste of money and I wish someone would have said something to me before starting... worst decision I ever made and 90% of my class would agree... I'm not just angry, but it's the truth. They have no advisers to help you if you are struggling, it's a very sink or swim program. If I were you I would look anywhere else!
  6. by   RNstudent88
    Hi Thank you so much for the input. I went to the orientation so I kind of have an idea what I am getting myself into. From what I know GSON have very strong supporting system such as peer tutors, peer mentors, study groups and and Facebook group that students can post all file, docs to share with other. I am so sorry that you did not a wonderful experience. All the best to you.