Four Rivers Career Center in Washington (WSPN)

  1. Hi. I am wondering if anyone here has gone to this school, or is there currently. Thanks. bluecalmsea
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  3. by   misty63090
    I graduated from there 8/8/08, and my sister is currently enrolled there. It is a wonderful program, and I learned a lot!! Anymore questions, just ask...
  4. by   bluecalmsea
    Whoops I forgot all about my thread! Do you (or your sister) remember what the interview process was like? What questions were asked? I have an interview in May and am very nervous about it. Do you know if the school and/or clinical sites will accept a waiver or religious exemption for vaccines? During clinicals, did student LPNS assist w/ newborn circumcisions at all? The last two questions are biggies for me, as my religious beliefs conflict w/ vaccination, and I believe circumcision to be a human rights issue. Thanks. PS: How hard is that hill to drive on in winter?? I thought I was going down a cliff on my way to the school for the entrance exam LOL bluecalmsea
  5. by   misty63090
    You don't have to take the hill route to get there. The lights that you took to go down/up the hill at jefferson street/14th street instead of turning to go down the hill, go straight to jefferson and 8th (next set of lights). Hang a left. Hang another left at the first 4 way stop ( 8th street and stafford). Go straight and the school will be on the right a few blocks down. No, you do not assist w/ circ.'s You many have the opportunity to observe one. Not sure about the vaccines?? I know that you have to show proof of being vaccinated/ or have titers drawn, etc. They do respect religions though, just as all schools, so i would call and ask the administrator Chris. The interview is not like a typical interview. You should dress nice , like a job interview nice. They just tell you about the program, they don't really ask anything of you at all. They ask if you have any questions after they tell you about the program. Relax, you'll do great!!
  6. by   bluecalmsea
    My interview was yesterday. I don't think I did well I froze and was so nervous that my reasons for nursing did not come out right and did not sound very convincing (to me, anyway). According to the admin they base selection mainly on TEAS hopefully my interview flub won't weigh too heavily... Oh, and thanks for the alternative directions! Much better than that cliff LOL
  7. by   misty63090
    Relax, I'm sure you did great!! I don't think they really judge you on the ''interview'', I feel like it was more of a pre-orientation to the program. I thought it explained how things would work, and how much work it is. This way if anyone wanted to change their mind. You will know in a few weeks, and that alone is a sigh of relief. I remember waiting, and waiting, and waiting for my letter. It got to the point where I worked myself up so much about it, I didn't care one way or another , I just wanted to know. I loved the program, but I will warn you it is very hard, and requires a lot of discipline and dedication. You can do it!! :-)
  8. by   bluecalmsea
    I got in! *Now* I'm nervous What would you say were the hardest parts of the program? Is there any specific area you or people you know had trouble with? thanks
  9. by   misty63090
    Med Surg 1 and Med Surg 2 are very hard, but it is a very good school. You will study a lot, but when you leave there, you will know your stuff. I took the minimal amount of questions on my nclex and it took me 45 minutes to do it. They prepare you well. It is challenging, but very doable with motivation and hard work. Congratulation!! You will do great!! :-) MS 1 and MS 2 don't begin until usually January. That's when clinicals begin also. The beginning until December break, you do fundamentals of nursing, pnvc,nutrition,a&p 1, and human growth and development. It is quiet the load.
  10. by   Doyel
    How do they score you?