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  1. I'm interested in applying for Chamberlain but had a few questions. 1st is books included in tution because it sucks when you have to pay out of pocket for books? And if you do have to pay out of pocket; do people who recieve financial aid recieve a refund once everything is paid up? What happens once you has been accepted to the BSN program and is it better to do your pre-req through them or at stlcc? Also is it hard to get in the evening and weekend class and how many class do you take at one time? And if I applied today what are the chances I might get in for the July 6 courses? With the online pre-req is there a time line in which each class has to be completed or do you work at your own pace?

    Please help I am going crazy!:bowingpur
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  3. by   MrsIndependent
    I just withdrew from the program. My decision was solely based upon their rising tuition cost. You are required to take your pre-reqs online through Devry if you chose the evening program. They automatically tack on an additional $80 for books (which are online) whether you need the book or not. I do not like the school for the money. In order to contact your advisor, you have to use this thing called RightNow tickets.... I don't like that. I personally would not recommend them. If you have the money to pay then go for it. They offer very little aid for students, IMO. They are not considered a private or public school??? So many of the grants like Missouri Access Grant are not accessible. I would strongly recommend you search on allnurses. You will find numerous comments about Chamberlain. Best of luck to you.

    As far as you chances of getting in...I would say 100%, honestly.
  4. by   meatballexperience
    What Mrs. Independent said is right on. I am a student there, and believe me I am not happy with the cost. And she is right, there isnt much option for financial aid there outside of the usual student loans and pell grants. However, they are setting up their own private loan system to help offset the costs but I dont really have any details about that. The student advisors have so much responsibility- they register you, handle all the financial aid and who knows what else. I really think thats the weak link at the school, but it isnt their fault, theyre just overworked. And yes, you do get any excess financial aid refunded back to you. I've had a good experience otherwise and I am there for the sole reason that I am in a point in my life where I need to get this over with as soon as possible. As far as prereqs go, if you can get some out of the way at community college, do it. I didn't have a problem with them transferring those in. My understanding is that nursing courses are a bit more difficult to transfer, but I think that is pretty much anywhere. Myself, I transferred in 19 hours, so I am finishing up some of my prereqs with the online classes. Overall, I have had a good experience with the online classes and they have been easy A's. I've taken A&P II, college algebra, logic & critical thinking, and advanced composition. Some classes have an ebook, others do not, such as A&P and micro/chem. What I do with the classes that use an ebook is go to the computer lab and print it out! The only class that was at your own pace was the algebra class, which was awesome. I finished it way early. Otherwise, the classes are set up like this: there will usually be an assignment for a particular week, and you have to participate in discussion threads. There are usually two discussion threads a week and you have to make at least three posts in each one by Wednesday. Hopefully that adds to what she has already said. If I'd had the opportunity, I surely would have taken the cheaper route, but being a single mom this is just what works the best for me right now.