Difference between Level I Med Aide and Certified Medication Technician

  1. Trying to find out what the difference is between a Level I Med Aide and a Certified Medication Tech is and their requirements. School going to for CNA has flyers out for them both. The Certified Medication Tech says must be CNA for at least 6 months but the Level I Med Aide dont give requirements. I have asked but cant get any straight answers on specifics.

    Help please.
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  3. by   Norubit15
    HI there,
    It didn't look like you had an answer to your question, so I will give it a shot. From what I understand, both the Level 1 Medication Aide "LIMA" and the CMT courses require one to be a CNA for six months prior and must remain active while a LIMA or CMT. The differences between the two are that a CMT is usually for skilled nursing facilities or hospitals, while a LIMA is for residential care facilities or assisted living centers.
    You can challenge the exams if you are a nursing student and have completed nursing fundamentals 1 and pharmacology 1 that meets the state of Missouri's requirements.
    You can find out more information by going to the website at Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and then enter a search on the two topics.
    Hope this helps you in the right direction.