Chiropractor looking for a night/weekend RN or LPN program in Kansas City - page 2

hi i am new to this site and have been looking for a good program that will help me get to my ultimate goal of becoming a fnp or dnp. to give a little info about me, i am a 2004 drury university... Read More

  1. by   shoegalRN
    Well, if you want more clinical time, then Penn Valley is the way to go. I have a BSN, and I used to see junior students in their third semester doing their clinicals at Research. They were handling a full patient load (up to 4 pts on their own) while our senior students were only handling 1-2 patients. They didnt spend all their time making up powerpoints and doing Leadership like we did in my BSN program.
  2. by   lizrnbsn
    Wondering what your outcome was? I shut down practice in 2008 to attend Baker University and graduated in seeking FNP/DNP program.
  3. by   freedomrn1
    Wow, anyone interested in re-opening this thread?