Barnes Jewish Upper Level vs. UMSL Accelerated BSN

  1. I'm applying for both programs and I had a couple questions:

    1. Which school do you think is better?
    2. What's the acceptance rate for both?
    3. How is the work load?
    4. GPA acceptance (not the minimum requirements.. but a realistic GPA ex. minimum is 3.0 but do you really need something higher)

    if you have any other information please let me know.. I want as much advice as I can get.
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  3. by   Katie22
    Are you applying to Barnes' upper level or accelerated BSN program? I applied to the accelerated BSN program. They required a GPA of 3.2 and you have to have a bachelor's degree already. I had a 3.2 and was accepted. I didn't apply to UMSL's program because they had different pre-requisites than Barnes and I would have had to take a lot more classes. I also applied to SLU's accelerated program (which is where I will be going). If you're looking into accelerated bachelor's programs, definitely look at Barnes and SLU as well as UMSL. Barnes' facilities are amazing, but I've heard that SLU's teachers are little more hands on and willing to help. I'm going to SLU because I got accepted for this May. I was accepted at Barnes, but not until September.
  4. by   Mamba49
    Both are excellent nursing programs. Both are widely respected in the large hospitals in the St. Louis area. And I believe both have really good acceptance rates. Goldfarb's is probably a bit easier to get into because of their rolling schedule, so if you don't get in in the fall, you can roll over to the spring, and so on - while UMSL is a once a year start date. But I would say if you exceed both minimum GPA requirements (Goldfarb's 3.2 Accelerated, 3.0 Upper Level, and UMSL's 3.0 Accelerated), you'll get in. You might spend time on a waitlist, depending on your GPA, but so many people I know apply to many nursing schools which means schools go thru their waitlists pretty quickly once people make their decisions. I had a 3.3 overall gpa and a 3.4 science gpa, and I got into both programs, although I was a second round at UMSL. Keep in mind that Goldfarb is more expensive (about $10,000 more for their accelerated program compared to UMSL's) and probably 15-20,000 more for their Upper Level Program compared to UMSL's Accelerated Program. Which is why I chose UMSL - and so far it's challeging but I absolutely love it! But honestly, I don't think you could go wrong either way! - Best of luck to you in all your endeavors.
  5. by   ChloeinSTL
    Thank you both so much. If I go to Goldfarb I'm going to wait to get my degree and i'm going to go with the Upper level program because i don't want to have to rush through with their 12 month program.. I already got accepted into the upper level. I still am going to apply to UMSL but you can't apply until June. If I do UMSL I'm going to do the accelerated program because it's 15 months and I will still earn my degree. I just wasn't sure what others thought, esp. people who were enrolled in either program. Thank you so much for everything. If you have anymore information, feel free to let me know! I love hearing more!!
  6. by   iya4gud
    Quote from Mamba49
    I chose UMSL - and so far it's challeging but I absolutely love it.
    Congrats to you! I start the Accelerated Program at UMSL next month and I am a little anxious! How tough is it really? Are the instructors hands-on?
  7. by   Marie32
    Hello! I graduated last year from the accelerated BSN at UMSL and can tell you a little about it. It is very competitive to get in to. They say the minimum GPA is 3.0, but really to even have a chance to get in, you need at least a 3.5 or 3.6. You do not need a bachelor's already, as long as you have enough credits...I think it is like 76 hours or something. I did not have a bachelors already and my GPA was 3.9. Definitely apply for the early admit by September because they fill the spots quickly. The program is very, very intense and is the most stressful thing I have ever done. That being said, it was also awesome, because I was done in 15 months as opposed to 2 years. They cram a TON in so be prepared to have no life for 15 months! There are pros and cons to every program though and you just have to try to make the right decision for you. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  8. by   Mamba49
    Thanks for the info - did you find a job relatively quickly after graduating from the program?
  9. by   ChloeinSTL
    yes, how easy was finding a job? thank you for all of the information on UMSL's accelerated.
  10. by   CROFIRE
    Hi! Thanks for all the great information! Quick question...what day in May does the program begin? Thanks so much!
  11. by   jennieb79
    Katie22: How do you like SLU's program so far? I have been accepted there and have to choose where I want to go, and soon. Its a very difficult decision. Any additional information would be appreciated!

  12. by   jennieb79
    Mamba49: Can you tell me your thoughts on UMSL's accelerated program since you have started? Can you tell me what a typical day in their program is like? How do their facilities measure up? How are the professors? Is your schedule pretty much set in stone?

  13. by   jennieb79
    ChloeinSTL: Have you decided where you are going to attend nursing school?
  14. by   jennieb79
    Marie32: Can you tell me more about your experiences with UMSL's accelerated nursing program? Any information would be very appreciated!