Applying for MO RN with prior disciplinary action

  1. I have been a successful RN in Pennsylvania for 7 years and love being a nurse. One big problem: I am participating in a Voluntary Recovery Program for prior drug abuse, have attended rehab, have been clean for over 1year, and am ready to apply for my MO nursing license and move on with my life. My question is, anyone out there have a similar experience? And, if so, any tips on how to write an explanation of past actions, and how my recovery has progressed enough to warrent a positive outcome in applying for my license? The MO RN endorsement application instruction letter states I need to,
    " provide a notarized statement of a detailed description of the circumstances surrounding the disciplinary action and a thorough description of the rehabilitative changes in your lifestyle since the time of the offense that would enable you to avoid future occurences. "

    Any ideas? Or, anyone with a similar experience who successfully applied and was issued a license? Or did I, unfortunately, throw away any chance of becoming a successful nurse again?:smackingf

    Any insight would be appreciated greatly.
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  3. by   abooker
    I have classmates applying for first-time licenses, some of whom have histories such as DWI and theft. This doesn't prohibit them from being eligible to take the licensing exam.

    In the publication they send to nurses, the folks with substance abuse histories who have license trouble are those on probation who do not complete rehabilitation and the voluntary program. It looks like they have to call a number every day to see if they have been selected that day to submit a urine sample. If they don't follow the rules, they don't keep their licenses. As long as they stick with the program, they seem to be ok.

    I don't know about nurses from other states, but if they give new applicants a chance, and also Missouri nurses, I'm hoping they will extend to you the same courtesy. If you document your rehab and voluntary recovery program, surely they will help you continue to work as a nurse, too. I hope so.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   abooker
    Maybe you could call the Missouri State Board of Nursing and ask them what to include in your letter? I'm sure it is not an uncommon question, and they may help ease your mind and help you feel more hopeful:

    Board of Nursing
    3605 Missouri Boulevard
    P.O. Box 656
    Jefferson City, MO 65102-0656
    573.751.0681 Telephone
    573.751.0075 Fax
    800.735.2966 TTY
    800.735.2466 Voice Relay