Anyone starting the Chamberlain BSN program in March?

  1. I am meeting with this school tonight...

    Despite the rumors that fly around, I have been emailing past grads and all of them have spoke highly of the program. I am considering starting in March and was wondering if anyone else had the same plans. My big turn off is the price. GEEZ!!!
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  3. by   MrsIndependent
    I have applied for March and have the A2 test scheduled for 1/22. I, too, have heard good things from grads and current students. The only negative I heard was the technology (computer systems) and the financial aid office.

    Now, once I'm accepted , I have no clue how I'm gonna pay........

    Their NCLEX look pretty good for the BSN program.

    I was previously accepted to their ASN Online program, which has since lost it's accrediation, but I never started the program.

    Good luck and keep us posted!!
  4. by   BomBoppy
    Hi, I'm applying for the March semester also. I attended an open house and I liked what I saw. The price is a bit much, but considering no wait list and employers tuition repayment offers it sounds worth it. Good Luck