Anyone starting at Flo this fall?

  1. Just wondering if anyone else has accepted for Fall semester at Flo. I am excited and can't wait to finally get started!
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  3. by   ANJOEBABY
    Hello, I have recieved a letter stating i'm # 10 on the waiting list and it's possible I can get in the fall session. What # where you and when did you find out? I have heard a lot about Flo just be encouraged and give it all you got and guard your heart and don't let know one tell you that you can't because you can succeed and you'll do just great.
  4. by   k&k'z mom
    I started out at 70-something before they sent out any letters. Then I got a letter saying it was probable that I would get in for fall (I was like #8 on the waiting list at that point). Then, a few weeks later, I got one saying that I am in for sure. That was just the end of March. There is a good chance that you may still get in. Did they send you a letter telling you to sign up for orientation anyway since you might get in? Will you be at orientation on the 20th?
  5. by   love34
    I am also starting the nursing program at Flo this Fall and I am so nervous! I have to go part time on my job, which scares me even more. When you're married, have kids and bills it's hard. I'll just have to keep telling myself,"It will be fine and I'll make it"!!!
  6. by   MrsIndependent
    Love34, same here. We just gotta make it work. Unfortunately, I have to work and my job won't let me go part time. Anyway, I'll be at Flo this Fall.