Anyone attended National Amereican University?

  1. How are the classes and are the credits transferable?
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  3. by   hospitalstaph
    Quote from BecomeNurse06
    How are the classes and are the credits transferable?
    I assume that you are asking b/c you want to transfer your ADN into a RN-BSN or RN-MSN program? I don't think that anyone here would be able to answer that question for you, yet. The first NAU ADN class graduates this December and then they will be evaluated for full accreditation. After full accreditation is received (and I have no reason to believe that they will not get it) then all of your nursing classes should transfer with no problem. They do also offer a RN-BSN online.

    Hope this helps

  4. by   BecomeNurse06
    Thanks for your reply. The reason I'm asking because I will be taking pre-req classes in november at NAU. I have not start the nursing program yet. I have to take some pre-req classes first. I know that their nursing program is new so I guess I won't know much about it yet.

    I've heard some bad things about Sanford brown's nursing program and I just didn't want it to be the same for NAU. I could attend a community college but the wait is just so long. I rather pay more to got to a private college and get in without being on a waiting list.

    I'm very excited about school so hopefully NAU RN program is what I expected.
  5. by   hospitalstaph
    Is Sanford Brown even around anymore?? I think it's Colorado Tech now and it's an LPN program. I heard that at SB, they have you take out a loan for the whole program up front, so if you drop out, you still owe for the entire program. (and of course, the classes don't transfer). I seriously doubt that you would have any problems transfering classes from NAU and you could always finish your BSN there if you wanted to.

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  6. by   Kandigrl2001
    Well becomenurse06 i will be in your classes.. I also start on the 29th of nov...

    I think everything will be fine.. plus everything is NEW.. im excited see you there!
  7. by   BecomeNurse06
    Hi Kandigrl2001. Yes I'm going there. I can't wait for school to start. I'm glad that you are going there too. I'm looking forward to seeing you there also.
  8. by   hospitalstaph
    Good luck!!