Accelerated Programs in STL?

  1. So I am looking into the accelerated programs in STL. I know Barnes and UMSL have any other schools? I heard something about SLU or Maryville having one. I do not have a bachelor's in anything, however, I know at UMSL if you have like 62 credits and a high GPA you can get into their accelerated program. Which I think I can do...I'll have that many credits or more by time I am done at Meramec and my GPA throughout two years there has been a 4.0. Do you have to have a bachelor's with any of the other schools? I am looking into it for 2010..especially UMSLs program. All my credits should transfer except I heard College Comp. II doesn't so I will have to take that again. Does anyone know when the application deadlines are? I keep procrastinating on scheduling an appointment with an advisor at UMSL. Okay, I'll stop going on and on. lol Thanks!
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  3. by   FriendlyGhostRN
    Hello! I'm in UMSL's accelerated program right now. I did exactly what you're planning on doing--I got my first 62 credits at Meramec (actually, I only had 60 credits at the time I applied and they accepted me--the adviser told me that if I mentioned that I planned on taking college comp. 2 while in the program that they'd allow me in with only 60). You have to take your Junior Level writing course at UMSL--no way around that. I took my writing couse during last semester (second semester of the BSN program) and did fine--with the writing course plus my nursing courses, last semester I took 18 credit hours and worked part time, so it is able to be done. The deadline when I applied back in early '08 for starting in May of 08 was February 1st. I didn't even apply until a week before the deadline. They sent out the letters for acceptance in the 2nd week of March. I highly suggest you go to UMSL very soon and talk to a nursing adviser regarding the classes you are taking now and have already completed. They have very specific courses they want you to take for pre-reqs.

    As far as other accelerated programs go, I know that Barnes and SLU both offer them as well, however they are 12 month programs. UMSL's is 15 months. I'm not sure if Maryville has an accelerated program or not.

    Hope I helped some. PM me if you have any more questions. And, of course, good luck in whatever path you choose to take.
  4. by   Libra_8
    I'm also taking the same path only im at Flo Valley now. Im shooting for the summer 2010 accelerated nusing program. Maybe I'll see you there!
  5. by   lilla_fjaril
    As far as I know, Maryville also has an accelerated BSN that is 15 months. SLU's accelerated program only goes from May to May. Barnes/Goldfarb is now starting accelerated students in Jan, May, and Aug I think. You have to have a BSN to do the one-year programat Barnes, but there is a 2 year program for people who have completed about 60 hours of pre-reqs.

    Having done the 12 month accelerated program, I would recommend a 15 month-2 year program if you can afford it and really want to get the most out of your nursing education.
  6. by   kmj1228
    Actually, Barnes' Upper Division program is now 5 semesters,(used to be 6) including a summer (19 months). I'm in it now and it's pretty manageable--much more so than what I've heard about the Accelerated!