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  1. Hi everyone,
    My name is Shawn and I'm new to this group.recently I started my pre nursing courses and I'm a little undecided about things. I currently had to drop my beginning algebra class BC I was not doing to good in the class. Not knowing I had to have this class b4 i take a&p. So with that being said I will have to do 2 semesters b4 I can get into an adn program,so while i am taking these two semester I will be taking classes that goes for an bsn program. After those two semesters I will only have a semester and 1 class in the summer to be qualified to enter into a bsn program(ummc).so should I keep going and continue the bsn pre classes or should I just go ahead to the adn program.(I wanted to do adn first so I could work at a hospital,while getting my bsn,)
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  3. by   teacher08
    Hi Shawn,

    Its difficult to suggest what you should do first. A lot of factors play an imperative role as to which program, ADN or BSN, program you should initially apply too.

    For example:

    Required pre-requisites and when they are offered
    Specific school wait list / enrollment (30, 40, 50, or 100 students; 1000 applicants)
    Family obligations
    Length of program
    Financial situation
    Day or evening class / clinical rotations
    Available scholarships / student loans
    Ability to work during program

    There are many more however, the pros and cons will be based upon your personal circumstances. Make a tangible list, review it carefully and make a firm decison.

    On a personal note, I do like the idea of the BSN program over the ADN; it will save time. FYI, I'm an ADN recipient. However, the aforementioned list may assist in determining which program you would be a better candidate. UMMC...AWESOME program.

    I wish you well. Enjoy, comprehend, and ask AS MANY questions as your heart desire during your nursing journey.

    PS....I enjoyed my college years in Jackson, MS. Great place to live.
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  4. by   shawnkyle25
    Thanks for the advice...I will decide no later than Dec...
    p.s. do not get me wrong but i do not like jackson,ms at all... Im so ready to further my options outside of ms...
  5. by   teacher08
    You're welcome. I understand your position about seeking options outside of Jackson. Best wishes.