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  1. I will be starting the Accelerated BSN program at UMC on May 23rd. I was hoping some of my future classmates visit this site. I hope that I can "meet" some of you before school starts!
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  3. by   OldShoesRock
    Let me know how it goes. I missed the application deadline ( I was in the process of moving here from California) and now have to wait till July to apply for early admissions. I hear the next round of applicants have to take some new entrance test by HESI. Is this true? I JUST took the NETS test!!!! augggghhhh
  4. by   OrthoFNP
    How is the Accelerated program going?? I am a hopeful! I just sent in my application and will hear in March!!! Really curious how things are! I guess it is over now! Congrats!
  5. by   UMCSN4
    I am in the Accel BSN at UMC. It is hardcore and fast paced, but I will be a nurse in just a few more months! There is a lot of self study and if you are not prepared to do that, this is NOT the program for you. There are very few lectures for classes other than Patho, Health Assessment, and Pharm, which we take with the other students. They are going to change some things about our program, so I can't say what you will be facing. The very best thing about our program is the clinicals. We are assigned to preceptors in the hospital and we work our hours with them. We actually follow a nurse from beginning to end of a shift, so we see what a "real" nurse does on a day to day basis. We are right in the middle of our Adult Med-Surg now and it is very hectic. In just 2 months, we have to complete the "class" by taking our 5 tests plus final while working 135 hours and doing a new PBL case each week (problem based a case study, but is student led). I have at times been so frustrated that I could quit, but then I get over it and am glad I am here. All in all, I like it, and think I will be well prepared. So far out of 24 students, we still have 22. Good luck and I hope you get in!
  6. by   bhope2006
    Update: I started the accelerated program in May 2007 and lasted until December of 2007. Pharmacology did not agree with me at all during that semester. I loved doing all of the clinicals and absolutely loved doing the PBL. It's such a great learning activity. I am now doing the traditional program part-time and will be done May 2010. The accelerated program is a wonderful opportunity for those that are able to devote 110% of their time to. Unfortunately, it just wasn't for me. But now, I am so much more relaxed and even have time to work outside of school! I wish anyone and everyone the best of luck if and when you get in!
  7. by   badh
    I am currently taking my prerequisites and plan to apply to UMC for the 2010 class. My question is in regards to the schedule. For the traditional program, when do most of the classes usually meet (day/night and how many days a week)? What about for the accelerated program?
  8. by   UMCSN4
    The accelerated class meets m-f on various days. Once you get to clinicals, it all depends on the preceptor that you are randomly assigned to. It could be nights, days, weekends, etc. If you are asking because you are planning to work, I will tell you that it would be almost impossible. There are weeks here and there where you might think, oh I could work a part time job, but then the next week swamps you and you don't have enough time to do what you need to do. It is a very stressful program! And even though you are given a calendar at the beginning of each semester with the schedule, you cannot anticipate when your clinical days are. ( You will have to match your available days to the days your preceptor works. )

    The first summer starts out the same as the traditional program, with patho and health assessment. Average about 2 tests a week. Hope this helps!