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    Does anyone work in public health? I used to work in Memphis at the health department, but had to resigned because I changed my residency (live in Desoto County). I applied online for an RN position with the Mississippi Dept of Health. My question is are the benefits good?
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    I found this info at the following website. Hope it helps some.

    Benefits and Highlights

    The State of Mississippi offers a comprehensive set of benefits as well as a retirement plan for state employees.
    Personal Leave: 18 days per year earned at the rate of 1 days per month. Eligible to use after one month of service.
    Medical Leave: 12 days per year earned at the rate of 1 day per month.
    Holiday Leave: 10 holidays per year.
    Medical Insurance: Provided free for employees. Starts on first day of employment. The plan entails a $450.00 deductible with 80% of the medical costs covered thereafter. Available coverage for spouse and children.
    Prescriptions: Prescription Plan Co-Pay.
    Dental Insurance: Optional plan with coverage beginning 30 days from date of employment. Available coverage for spouse and children.
    Life Insurance: Cost is only 30 cents per thousand dollars of annual salary. Payoff is double the employee’s annual salary.
    Cafeteria Plan: This allows you to pay certain expenses (dependent care expenses, health and dental insurance premiums, medical and dental expenses) with money taken from your pay before it is taxed.
    State of MS Retirement Plan: MDOT is covered under the Public Employees Retirement System. Fully eligible to retire after 25 years of service. Fully vested after 4 years of service. The employee contributes 7.25% of their salary and the state contributes 9.75%.
    Deferred Compensation: Optional tax deferred supplemental retirement savings plan regulated under Section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code.
    Employee Assistance Program: This program provides free comprehensive problem evaluation, needs assessment and referral, some limited short-term direct counseling, alcohol and drug education and awareness training, and post-treatment follow-up and aftercare as necessary.
    Credit Union Membership
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