Pearl River ADN or USM BSN? HELP!

  1. Just a little background.. I am 28 years old and I have worked in the Accounting field for almost ten years. I have always wanted to pursue a career in the medical field but I had my first son at 18 and it was never possible for me to go to school full-time. I am about to have my second son and just found out that I was accepted to Pearl River's ADN program that begins in August. I also received confirmation from USM that I should have no problem getting into their BSN program that begins in January. I applied for their August program but I was lacking two classes that I actually just finished. I thought I could apply while I was taking them but they had to be completed at the time of application. I was advised to reapply in September. My eventual goal is to become an NP in the psychiatric field most likely. Being a mother, I do need to work if possible. At my age, I really want to go the fastest route but I also don't want to sacrifice education or experience because I want to be a damn good nurse! I have to accept or decline with Pearl River in ten days. Should I hold out and apply to USM and take the chance of not getting in even though their admissions rep told me I should be fine? Or should I just start at Pearl River, get a job as an ADN and complete my BSN/MSN/NP online with USM? Either way I go, I will be graduating at the same time.. two years. ADN with PRCC & BSN with USM. USM is more expensive but it is 20 minutes away from where I leave and Pearl River is an hour away from where I live. I believe the class hours are about the same. I would have to take three or four more classes this summer for USM because they require extra prerequisites that Pearl River does not. I can apply without them but they have to be completed before the program begins. So, with Pearl River I would have a break this summer and with USM I would not. I am just so torn. If I wait, it allows me the opportunity to work for another six months to save up as much as I can but I hate to pass up the opportunity with Pearl River & risk not being accepted to USM for some reason. I am SO conflicted and hate to bother all of you with my dilemma but I would really love some unbiased opinions. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   aellis03
    what did you decide?
  4. by   Deshotel
    What did you pick? I just applied to Southern Miss at the Gulf Coast. I should find out in about a month if I made it.