pay at the state psych hospital?

  1. Hey all, I'm an RN from West Virginia , kicking around the idea of relocating to the great state of Mississippi. I work at the stste psych hospital here at home and was wondering if anyone knows how much or approximately how much the pay is there?By the way how is the weather there now? I hope to hear from somebody there soon .
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  3. by   WanaBaNurse
    Most hospitals around here pay new grads $18.50 per hour (not including diff.). I think the state hospital pays alittle more maybe $19.25? However, you should be making much more since you are already working in the field. I know some people who work there and really love their job.

    Oh, the weather here is CRAZY!!!!! This past week varied with highs from 55-79 degress. the lows are usually 20's-40's. Crazy, crazy, weather. I'm soooo sick right now b/c of the constant change from hot to cold. errrr....
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    This link goes to the MS jobs board site.