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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new here and am so glad to have found this site. I am seriously considering a career change into nursing (actually I've thought about it since junior high but was too much of a partier in college to devote the time to it...thank God those days are LONG GONE ). I would like to start taking some pre-reqs in Jan. and was wondering what everyone thought of online classes. Has anyone ever taken online science classes, and, if so, did you think it was harder or easier than traditional classes? My sisters LOVE online classes, but I doubt they've taken a science class online. How does the lab part work? Since I'm in Jackson, I'll be going through Holmes or Hinds. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
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  3. by   Mommy TeleRN
    Can't tell you specifically about those colleges..but I have taken roughly 12 classes online. For me this works well because I NEED that flexibility with having kids.
    Havent' done a science class online. When I did mine they weren't they are. From my understanding you do the lecture portion online (typically was 3 hrs on campus) then do the lab portion at campus which is usually 2-3 hrs for most science classes. So it does cut down on a lecture class which can save you a few commutes a week! I would definitely consider that route if I still had science requirements.
  4. by   dodo102
    Mommie Do U Know Any School Or Online Class For Accelerated Bsn For A Non Nursing Ba? Please Let Me Know
  5. by   alabama
    Check out They have A&P I and II online and other science classes as well. The lab is a virtual lab which required a special type of software. Im planning to start A&P in January and I think you can still sign up. Hope this helps.
  6. by   KimSwanner
    One of my great friends went through the nursing program at Hinds and she took several of her science classes online there. I have taken two of my sciences online through NWCC and have loved it. Don't take your higher up sciences online, such as Chem and Micro. But if you are just looking into taking A&P and biology classes you should be fine. But keep in mind that it is a class. It should be taken seriously, because if you don't it'll land you a bad grade (experience talking there hahaha). You have to be a dedicated person to do online classes. Since you are not in a structred class room environment you have to make your own structure and you have to be disciplined. But if you can do that you will enjoy thouroughly taking online classes. Since I'm a mom of two I love being able to be home with my little girls more and doing online classes gives me that time. Hope this helps you a little.
  7. by   missy kyn
    i have taken art history, sociology, physc. all online they were easy. i attempted eng comp1 and it was a nightmare don't take this online. i'm thinking about taking college algebra online any opinions on col alg online? advice welcome
  8. by   chuff
    I am currently taking A&P II online (lecture and lab) as well as Psychology. Last semester I did A&P I (lecture & lab) and Eng. Comp I. So far I have enjoyed it and have had no problems. I have a 4.0 GPA and I have been out of school for 15 years.

    The lab part consists of a lab manual with photographs of specimens in wich we label, and we have access to interactive websites and tutorials to help us with that, along with our lecture textbook - which is all I have ever really used to help me and I have an A in the lab class. There is no mid-term or final exam in lab (at least at my school) only chapter tests. The chapter test are exact replicas of the questions at the end of each chapter in our lab manual.

    I am enrolled at Mississippi Delta Community College and the online classes they offer are in a "virtual community" along with about 20 other community colleges in MS. I can take any course within the virtual community - no matter which college is offering it - and I will get my college credits at MDCC, because that is where i am enrolled. Both Holmes and Hinds are members of this virtual community.

    Here's a link to the courses and schools that are in the MS virtual community college: