Need advice. Any info would be appreciated.

  1. Hello to all. I am an LPN. I do not have my IV certification. What I need to know is how to obtain it. I have been told that you have to have a year of clinical experience. I have also been told that you just need your director of nursing to sign something for you and that it doesn't matter the length of time you have worked at a facility. I called the MS Board of Nursing. I have left several messages. Still have yet to get a call back or a clear answer. I have all my prerequisites to bridge over to RN. All I lack is IV certification.

    It seems that I became an LPN at the wrong time. The graduating class that was a semester behind me graduated IV certified. I have not been able to find a full time job since I graduated. I'm currently PRN. But I hardly ever get called in.

    Nursing has been a letdown so far. I should have went straight into the associate degree program.
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  3. by   ~KelRN~
    Sorry it hasn't gone so well for you, hopefully it will get better soon.
    I'm not currently a nurse but am starting the LPN program at Hinds Community College this week. They offer an IV certification course that I believe is 80 hours, but it's an extra course after you do the LPN program. Have you checked with your local Community College? Hope this helps some.
  4. by   naenae1979
    I am not an lpn, yet! But, my bff is! She just took her iv certification 2 weeks ago @ drmc in greenville, I am not too sure where in MS u are, but she took it without a problem. It took one week and she was in class from 8-5. Good luck to u and I hope things start looking up really soon
  5. by   naenae1979
    Hello! I too, am not an lpn.. Not yet! But, my bff is... She just took her iv certification 2 weeks ago @ drmc in greenville, ms. I think it cost her 350.00. She went to class for one week from 8-5...She graduated from nursing school in 2003, and it has taken her forever to take this class! Lol! But, she works home health and rarely needs it. I am not sure if this helps or not.. Keep ur head up! Things will get better soon