1. Is MGCCC an ok college to take nursing prereq courses online? They offer so many classes on line its hard to believe. I just want to make sure that the classes are legit and from an accredited college.

    I'm looking to take:

    Human Anat & Phys I
    Human Anat & Phys II
    Intro to Sociology
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  3. by   Bumashes
    Nutrition and sociology can be taken online. But the others have to have a lab done on campus. You can do the book part online and do the lab on campus by taking a hybrid course.
  4. by   bluejeanbebe
    Not sure if you're still listening as you posted in April, but I took A&P I and Lab all online from MGCCC. The course is a bit more expensive than a regular course, but if you work full time like I do, it may be your only option, plus you save on gas. I had to go in 2- 3 times to the computer lab to take tests, and that's it for actual attendance. Everything else is online- yes even the lab. Online attendance is monitored by when you log on, which is required.

    You buy the book, which comes with a CD and a lab book. You log onto the online 'classroom' and will meet your instructor and classmates. No 'required interaction with other students' as I've found with other schools online classes. You get your entire schedule for the semester at the beginning. You have assigned readings, lectures to read and many quizzes and a few tests. Same thing for the lab. For the Lab portion, you have a lab book and look at photos/drawings/animations of portions of the body. The CD leads you to an online learning center with optional and non-optional exercises. You can't take the tests until you have received a certain grade on your quizzes. You can retake quizzes up to 3 times. The tests you go to the school and take a multiple choice test online with a proctor observing. You can't bring anything other than scratch paper. The quizzes are not timed if I remember correctly, but they aren't easy either. The tests are timed, but you have a good bit of time to take them. The last Lab and Class test you can take at home (therefore open book) but it is timed also. I didn't try REAL hard and I missed an 'A' by a point or 2. I think there were a few extra credit points available.

    All in all, your counselor may not recommend it (due to all the 'busy work') but I think it works well if you can't attend a campus class.
  5. by   The_Missie
    If an MGCCC campus adviser has not already told you, the on-line science classes are accepted for their nursing programs but if you intend on getting your bachelors after completing your AA or transferring to a university, the universities won't accept those science credits and you will have to re-take them traditionally (on campus).
  6. by   doingitforGod
    I do not recommend taking any online science classes. The nursing program @ MGCCC doesn't even take people with online science/lab classes.
  7. by   Blue shel
    Actually yes they do accept students that have taken online classes. I took micro online and I've been accepted into the spring semester.
  8. by   Doc G
    does anyone know what a good teas test score would be to get in to the nursing program
  9. by   AlexusCee
    i need some help on eater to take mgccc nursing classes my senior year when i get early release but i wonted to know if the classes are going to be hard are the teachers there willing to help whn your struggling ????????