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  1. Hubby and I have been talking about my being vested in PEERS. I need to keep that going the year that I will be at HINDS for LPN.
    I need any info on CNA certification Classes. I know that the Community Colleges may have it,,,,,,but HOW LONG. I am a teacher, so I need something in the evenings. Does anyone on this board know of programs that are in the evening, and can I secure some sort of security before the summer.
    Hinds program doesnt start until the FALL, so the summer I could build up some hours.
    The state agency that OKAYS all of the nursing liscensure were no help. I've been researching over the break about this issue. They acted as if it was a bother to even listen to my question, and eager to get off the phone.:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire
    As bad as our state needs nurses, they don't have the decency to direct a NURSE HOPEFUL in the right direction. I talked to a nurse at UMC, and she said that the agency has a list and are well equipped to answer my question and any question as it pertains to nursing in this state. She told me that I got a bad WORKER!!!!
    Thank God for this site, and our being able to share information and exchange it between each other.
    Some of you may have even started as CNA's or have thought of this route yourselves....Please help.
    Hubby is getting nervous about our security!!!!!
    I wouldn't have to do CNA full time, just as long as I am putting into the PEERS system for 2007-2008.
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  3. by   QueenMum
    Is there no one at all out of the 40 who have read this that could help? PLEEEAAAASSSEEE? Even if you don't think it will help. Aren't there any nurses that are state employees on this site?
  4. by   2008rn2be
    I'm not sure if I can be of much assistance but, I'll try. First, are you planning on becoming an RN eventually by working through the bridge program of LPN to RN? If so, have you thought about looking into Holmes CC's (Ridgeland Campus) night RN program. It takes 2 years to complete, but it's only done 1 or 2 nights during the week and on the weekends. Just a suggestion and you could still teach while going to school.

    I know this may not be the answer you were looking for, but just thought I would try to offer some insight!

    Good luck!
  5. by   Huscarl73
    From what I have found the Dept of Health and the BON for Mississippi websites have virtually no information about CNA. I can't even find the minimum number of hours needed for the certification.
    If you want to be CNA you have a few choices. You can pay a CC for the training, there is at least one private place to train in Jackson but it's 2300$ or so. You can approach nursing homes for in house training. Somewhere on here someone suggested that the Red Cross might offer these classes, I have not researched for this in Jackson.
    The most hopefull thing that I have found here local is a rural hospital that trains their own orderlies, non certified, from her synopsis of the job description it will be essentially a CNA position but I have to wait for the DON to get back to work next week.
    Beyond that I don't know what to tell you. As I said the websites have no information on the subject and while I'm pretty internet savvy I havn't found much anywhere else either.
  6. by   QueenMum
    Thanks you two, I was so happy to see a response. Since my post, I found that the Department of Health has a licensure department, and they will mail you a list of all of the nursing homes and CC;s that offer the program. Not too many in JXN but Hinds, and that seems to be my only option. I found that if you go through a nursing home you will wind up spending BOOCOO time after the 3-6 week certification. You have to promise to work there for like a year, and you have to work nursing home hours, which are not conducive for my teacher schedule. I would get off at 700.. And I can't teach Biology one with no nighttime sleep. Those kids would smell the tiredness on me like BLOOD, and eat me to the bone.
    So Hinds is sounding good!
    HOLMES CC had 700 apps for this January class for RN not sure about LPN. I'm not sure is the LPN program at night as well. I'm sure just the RN. I thought of that, but they take in in January, by next Jan, I could be halfway a nurse just not with the "R". Thanks you two, just when I was starting to hear the crickets chirp......YOU ANSWERED. :trout: