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  1. Hi How is everyone? I have applied to Jones County Junior Colleges Rn and Lpn programs and I have already recieved my Rn letter last week and they said I was on the waiting list. I was kinda disappointed but I am anxiously waiting to see what my Lpn letter will say.. I made a 19 on my ACT. I wonder if I need to try to up my ACT score because alot of people have like 22 and above. What do you think I should do anyone?
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  3. by   imn2nursin
    Hi! How many of your pre-req's do you have? I just got accepted in to the JC ADN program. 3rd time was a charm....(so don't give up!) My act score (from 19 years ago) was 20. The more pre-req's you have, the better the chance you have. They give you points for your gpa, act score, the pre-req's (science courses weigh more point wise), etc. Is this your first time to apply?