Itawamba Community College Acceptance Letters

  1. Hi I applied for the fall ADN program. I saw that last year people got their letters the first week in June. I am still waiting on mine. I called today and all I get are answering machines that say they are still processing applications. Anyone else waiting? I got turned down by Northeast. This is frustrating!
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  3. by   Kaines Nana
    Hi! I got my acceptance letter to ICC ADN program(this year) the last week of may and several of my friends have already recieved theirs...hopefully you have gotten your by now.
  4. by   2babyboysmomma
    Nope I have never recieved anything not even a rejection letter! I called this morning and the answering machine says they are processing applications and all that so I dont know what to do!
  5. by   Kaines Nana
    I would call student services and ask them if they could connect you with someone else there who could tell you. I know alot of people that applied and they have all gotten letters and alot of people have already registered. If that doesn't help go to fulton and go in the health science building and go to the ADN office and talk to someone if you can maybe your letter got lost in the mail.
  6. by   2babyboysmomma
    Thanks for replying. I couldnt get anyone on the phone yesterday and so I sent the administrative asst. and email asking when the letters when out and if i got rejected would i still recieve and letter and her reply was "everyone should get a letter" and nothing more so I called her today and got her on the phone and she was super "nice". She said that I should get my letter today or tomorrow and when I told her I had heard some people got their letters in May she said well we send out letters everyday. Based on the time frame I am guessing I didnt get in. That is ok because I have already been accepted to LPN school at NE but I just wanted to make sure about ICC.
  7. by   LaChasityB
    Hi! I know this is off topic, but I really really need some help!!!!!!! I got accepted into ICC's ADN program for fall 2010. I did not get my acceptance letter unitl the first week in July. I was on the waiting list, but a position became open for me. Okay once I was notified about my acceptance. I sent my money in for housing. Someone finally answered the phone yesterday, and she told me i was # 79 on the waiting list and I would not be getting a room. Okay this is the problem I live in Clarskdale, MS, which is maybe 150 miles away. I do not know absolutely any one in fulton or tupelo, and I definitely can not commute everday. I really can not afford an apt right now. This is sort of stressing me out. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could probably rent a room from someone every week at a cheap rate or some other means of me having a place to stay. I am not going to let this hold me back. SO if you can, please help me! Thanks!

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