Independent LP/VN moving to MS

  1. I am an independent LPN in WI and would like to move to MS next year. I cant seem to find the way in. Anyone know any links or organizations that post families in need of home nurses in the state of Mississippi?
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  3. by   jer_sd
    I am one of the nurses who don't understand working as an independent. Could you provide a short explanation?Jeremy
  4. by   DTC
    I'm in Jackson, MS and I'm not aware of any organization or links. The Clarion-Ledger(our ONLY newspaper)occasionaly has ads from people looking for home health nurses, but not routinely. Good luck! OH,,,you might try going to the forum jump and go to Mississippi and post your search there~
  5. by   carleah
    I finally got your message about medicaid. From a thread posted earlier about working as an independent. I Decided against it but thanks for your reply.
  6. by   Nazarite
    hi, i just saw your post today and just wanted to let you know I worked as an independent contractor home health aide for a company called Nursing Management,Inc., they are based out of Biloxi, Ms, but cover a great deal of the state..basically they find and schedule jobs and bill medicare/medicaid, take their cut and pay you an hourly rate....they have a TON of LPN slots that are basically sitting in the home with MR/DD clients for 8-12 hour shifts with the pay ranging from 15-19 an hour.....since your a contractor your not obligated to take or keep a client and make up your own schedule, etc but keep in mind ALL liability falls on you and there is no nursing support so to speak in the office, you are required to carry your own malpractice insurance...i know RN's who work the LPN slots just to have the autonomy, as they don't have alot of RN slots.........i loved it.....anyway, their number is 228-385-9196....hope that helps and good luck... Nazarite, RN