Important question about becoming an RN

  1. Hey there, I'm about to apply in January for the Holmes CC LPN and RN program in Ridgeland. I'm posting this because I have a few concerns. I talked with a Nurse instructor who informed me that they mainly look at ACT scores.

    My ACT is a 19, I've taken it three times, it's not going up. (Unless anyone has a suggestion for what to do) I don't beleive ACT is a good deciding factor being that not everyone is good at standardized tests.

    ANYWAY. My concern is that I may not be able to get into the RN program...ever. So I was thinking about the LPN to RN transition. Do you HAVE to work after you receive LPN license? I just want to graduate, then go straight into RN.
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  3. by   ~KelRN~
    I also called Holmes in regards to there RN program and the lady told me it's real competitive. They do look at your past grades along with the ACT scores.
    Also there LPN to RN program requires you to work as an LPN before you can even apply to there transition program.
    Not sure where you live, but I'm at the top of Old Fannin Rd. and am starting the LPN program at Hinds in Jan. My drive is only 15 mins to the new Rankin campus. I'm asking because I'm thinking it maybe easier to get into Hinds along with there transition program does not require you to work as an LPN first, so as soon as you get your license you can apply to the program. Hope I helped you some.. =)
  4. by   rksgray13
    I went to Northwest in Senatobia. I was told the same thing before I applied. I needed at least a 19 and I had an 18 and it was real competitive. I took their residual and got a 23 and a 67 and 71 percent on the nurse entrance exam. I got in no problem. I am also an LPN. I didn't choose to challenge the course and skip the first semester. I graduated yesterday and our pinning ceremony is tomorrow night. Don't fret. If I could give any advice, I would go for it and try the RN first. I should have done that some 9 years ago. I regret I didn't.
  5. by   ~KelRN~
    from johnemmons
    nov 18, 2009, 12:11 pm

    re: hinds waiting list.
    i don't see why you wouldn't do rn?

    lpn's are becoming harder to find jobs. my mom is a nurse manager over at st. dominics and i told her about this lpn-to-rn transition thing and she told me, "no, no way in hell your going to do that. it's not the same education. i won't let you do that. either rn or no nurse."

    so rn it is for me then!

    i just realized that the original poster wrote this to me not long ago. and now there asking advice on becoming an lpn?????
  6. by   7out_to_nursing
    hello there!
    I to have worried about my ACT score I just took it in oct and scored a 19.I am trying to get into NWCC. My previous score was BAD Although that was 13 years ago. I am taking it again and studying for the act and net and the teas all at the same time. It is all the same stuff really.. I just want to get in so i can stop wasting my time in the casinos...Does anyone know if the teas has actual science? or is it just english and math?