I really should introduce myself...

  1. I don't usually forget to introduce myself but I feel it was rude of me not introducing myself:

    My name is Sarah, I'm a 23 year old Scot.
    I'm regularly over in MS, been all over the US its like my 2nd home. I am currently in my 2nd year of my BSN at the university of the West of Scotland (partnered with Mercer and Valdosta universities in GA.)

    My fiance is a native Mississippian from the Tupelo area but recently moved from Scotland to Lowndes county, MS. I plan on moving to MS once I graduate to finish off the requirements that are needed to become eligible to sit the NCLEX then I'll go from there

    How do you find nursing in MS? Is the pay good for the state and is it quite easy to specialize in something that you enjoy?

    I really quite fancy doing ER nursing but I am pretty open minded.

    Lookin' forward to hearing from yall.
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  3. by   RN1980
    baptist golde traingle hospital in in columbus think the er sees around 40,000 yr, has around 20bed icu new womens center and alot to offer, but has extremely high nurse turnover, alot of nurses leave that places in flocks at a time. i know cuase i work with a few of them at my prn job. there is a 100 bed hospital in starkville has new er sees around 36-40k pts in er, has around 8-10 bed icu, but i hear the unit is constantly full and you are always moving pts out to get sicker ones in. also they are going to build a new addition to the hospital soon. nmmc in tupelo largest hospital in north ms. overall pretty good place. 58 bed icu new equipment. of course there are multiple smaller community hospitals in the area.