Hinds CC?????

  1. Hey everyone! I was hoping I could get a few answers to some questions I had regarding Hinds ADN Program....

    I just sent in my application for the program as well as for the spring semester (to finish up some pre-req's). Someone I had spoke to at hinds said to go ahead and do this so that I could get my name on the list for the Fall 07' semester. Was this correct??? She said as I finish up the pre req's they will add them to my stuff prior to the Fall.

    I have to re-take my ACT b/c my Math was too low (errrrrrr). All other areas were above the requirement. Is there any way around having to re-take my ACT??? Like, taking College Algebra??

    Also, how hard is it to get into the program??? Since I am sending my stuff in almost a year in advance does that give good odds???

    Thanks for any help you guys can give me!!!
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  3. by   2008rn2be
    Just from personal experience..I am entering the ADN program in January, there is no other way around the math score. I was told that the only way was to take the ACT once again. I though I might have to take the ACT again, but found out I made the minimum 18.

    On getting in for Fall 2007, there is no waiting list. Selection is academically determined regardless of how soon your paperwork makes it to them. The selection is based on ACT, GPA, previous degrees, etc. The highest scores get in.

    Yes, they will add your pre-reqs to your file as you complete them.

    Hope this helps! Good luck.