HEY, William Carey Nursing School (MS) Tradition Campus Folks!!!!

  1. Hello,

    I have decided to apply for William Carey Nursing School (Tradition). I would like to learn any additional info from current students, former students, and current hopefuls on the school.

    1. Also, does anyone know what has more weight when considering admissions: TEAS V or GPA??
    2. How much more difficult are trimester classes over semester classes??
    3. How large are the classes (how many people do they usually admit)?
    4. How are the professors??

    ANY info on this school would be greatly appreciated. I hope to be accepted for the Spring 2017 class!!!
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  3. by   SouthernNurse15
    I am not sure if they weigh TEAS or gpa more. Trimesters are difficult but manageable if you stay on track...don't think you can slack off one week. I have heard of classes in the twenties, but last two have had about 12. Most of the professors are great and seem to want to help you succeed.
  4. by   zombieRN2019
    Thank you so much for replying. I'm really thankful for any info that I can get!

    WoW! I didn't know that their classes were that small. Now, I'm worried about the competition even more so...

    Because I'm an older student with previous degrees ( 2nd career for me), the 18 month program is so ideal.
  5. by   SouthernNurse15
    You won't feel out of place. Usually about half of the class are going for second careers and have kids at home or kids grown up already.
  6. by   zombieRN2019
    I have one last question:

    Are the classes on the Tradition small b/c it's just the smaller campus or do they have a lot of applicants and only take a small amount of people?
    Just worrying about my chances . I'm kinda impatient for my appointment with my nursing advisor in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks sooooo much for taking time out of your day to answer my questions. I really appreciate it
  7. by   SouthernNurse15
    I do not know how many usually apply. So far, the people I have come across that didn't get accepted was due to not meeting criteria (teas score). I am sure the advisor can give better information on this than I can. Good luck!
  8. by   nursecandy2019
    Hey! I just began attending WC tradition campus this summer and I love it! The people are friendly, the classes are tough. I am in A&P 2 right now and its fast paced so I can only imagine how the other trimesters are, but it seems like the 3 professors I have so far are well qualified and actually want to make sure you make it! So far, I have a 3.5 prereq gpa and a 76 on my teas. I still have to take 2 classes in the fall and of course the two nursing prereqs for the winter trimester, but I am super excited to find out if I will make it for spring entry!