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  1. Hi! I am a newbie here to the site. I am a fourth semester nursing student at Hinds Community College. I am not doing too good and am failing by 4 points, which is impossible to pull up with one more test. I am going to withdraw after spring break. I have heard of Excelsior. Does anyone have any advice on this college and how much it would cost since I have more than 50% of my nursing done? I am so frustrated with Hinds that I could just puke!!
    I heard they were accredited here, but being a mom of 3, I am not sure if I can afford Excelsior. What about clinicals and tests and when would I complete the program (how many months)? Thanks for any and all help.
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  3. by   Mommy TeleRN
    Can you withdraw and reenter next semester? Perhaps get some tutoring? Are there other colleges you can apply to in your area? You are wise to drop ... it's a little harder to pursue your education further once you have failed out of a program.
    I have a friend that failed out and was accepted to Excelsior. The way she explained it to me you do all your clinical at the end up north somewhere. I don't know many details. I think she said they will give her credit for what nursing she has completed but she has to take some tests to test out.
  4. by   CantWaitToBeANurse
    Well, I called Excelsior and they said there was a 6 month waiting list for clinicals. Also, it would take up to 2 months to review my transcript and for them to decide if I get credit so I wouldn't have to take all 7 tests. If I only have to take 4 of the tests, the cost is $4070.00. That is a little too much. She said they do clinicals in NY, Wisconsin, Texas, and Georgia and one other northern state. She also stated that I would not graduate from their program until the end of December or beginning of January. At Hind's you can repeat 4th as many times as you need to and my pell grant will pay for it. SO I guess I'll just have to drop, and reenter Hind's. I'll graduate the beginning of December that way and save money. I wish I had a good study guide for Musculoskeletal material....I figured it was would be easy, but I made a 74 and 68 on my tests.....that's bad when you have to have a 78 to pass!