Going to JcJc next fall,need LPN advice

  1. im going to jcjc next fall and i was wondering do i have to take regular classes (math,english, etc) before i can take LPN classes. I was already told I have taken everything I was suppose to in high school and I have all my credits. So Im hoping I can go straight into LPN classes...
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  3. by   JonathanRyan93
    I am a graduate of the JCJC LPN Program and I believe if you go under Jones County Junior College :: Inspiring Greatness
    you can find the program requirements and what you would need before applying.
  4. by   murse92017
    Their are no Pre-Reqs for the LPN program. You just have to pass the Entrance Exam. Having a high GPA in some college courses helps in the application process.