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  1. Does anyone know if this is a good hospital to work at, especially for a new grad? I've heard mixed reviews about working for them (the majority of them have not been good) and was just curious. Thanks.
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  3. by   merri666
    The majority of negative responses regarding Biloxi Regional are not good for a my opinion, it is not a good place for a seasoned nurse to work. As a new grad, I would advise you to stay away from this facility. Have you considered the Singing River Hospital System (Ocean Springs Hospital and Singing River Hospital)? Memorial, in Gulfport is an excellent place for new grads. Biloxi Regional is well known by agency nurses as a bad assignment.
    Oh yes! Garden Park Hospital in Gulfport would be a great place for a new is not as large as the others I mentioned but it is a nice facility and I believe they could give you a more personal orientation program.
    Again, just my opinion.
  4. by   CocoChanel
    Thanks for the info. I was just asking because a former classmate of mine was offered a job there and I think he will be taking it. Ever since I was little I've always heard bad things about Biloxi Regional. I've heard that the pay is pretty good but the working conditions are not. I've considered applying for job at Ocean Springs or Singing River. From what the nurse recruiter as told me, they seem to have a pretty good internship program.
  5. by   exnavygirl-RN
    My friend just started working at Singing River. They have an awersome orientation program. I use to work at Garden Park. They are pretty good to work for but the pay is the lowest on the coast. I've heard good things about Memorial. I've heard good and bad about Biloxi...mostly negative.
  6. by   CocoChanel
    Thanks for the info. I'm actually having a tough time finding a job right now. I've talked to recruiters at SR and OS and they both said they're looking for experienced nurses right now. I put in at Garden Park but have not gotten a call back. So I'll be trying Memorial next and if not there the clinics.
  7. by   SummerLin
    memorial is a wonderful place for a new grad. Their orientation is very extensive and everyone there is a new nurse and very enthusiastic about their jobs so the mood there is a little happier. I work there so i know. Biloxi regional is awful. I know from the grapevine that it gets horrible pt reviews. singing river hospital is an excellent hospital too!
  8. by   corbon
    I've also heard negative things about Biloxi and Garden Park; I personally would recommend Memorial. The other hospitals I'm not too familiar with.