Anyone Attending Holmes Evening Classes???

  1. I want to apply in Sept. for the evening/weekend nursing program at Holmes and was wondering if anyone is already attending this program that could answer some questions for me?
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  3. by   dynat
    I am attending evening/wkend classes @ holmes. What questions do you have?
  4. by   jg24
    I am so glad to find someone that can help me. I probably have more questions than you are willing to answer, but here it goes. First of all I guess the main question is what is your schedule like? If I get in I will only need my nursing classes because I will be finished with all of my pre reqs. I will be driving from Kosciusko to Grenada so I was wondering about class times. Also, this may sound dumb, but how are clinicals done? Are they at night and weekends too or will I have to forget working a full time job during the day? My last question is about getting accepted. Is it really difficult to get accepted into the evening/weekend program? I am just wondering if they always have a lot to apply and have to turn down a bunch. My ACT score is a 20 and my GPA is a 3.3 right now so I am just wondering about my chances. I am sorry I have so many questions. Thanks so much for any info you can give me to help calm my nerves.
  5. by   dynat
    Ok let me start by saying that I am fixing to start the 2nd semester of the program so I can only tell you what I know from 1st semester. Keep in mind that by the time you start, things might have changed some. Our schedule was every week Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 9 (sometimes we would leave early, just depended on teachers mood) with quite a few Fridays and occasionally some Saturdays as well. (5 to 9 on Fridays but Saturdays were all day long from 8 to 4 with an approx. an hour for lunch). The schedule appears to be the same for 2nd semester as well according to what the teacher emailed us the other day.

    I already had all my prereqs as well but with an ACT score of 20 you will qualify for the Deans Scholarship which will pay tuition ($650 is the tuition amount and it pays 100% of that, but you will still have to pay the matriculation fee and insurance fee so you basically will still be out about $300 but thats better than having to pay the whole thing) but you have to be considered fulltime inorder to receive this which means you have to be taking 15 hours(used to be 12 but they changed it)....nursing class is only 9 hours so if you want to take advantage of that (which you would be a fool not to) you should take 2 more classes. They can be anything you want, dont have to be nursing related. They even offer a class called work based learning which to me just seems like a class to give people extra hours so they can qualify as full time. I did not know about this class last semester but my instructor told me about it when we registered for 2nd semester classes and it appears that alot of people in my class were doing it. From what I understand about that it, you don't actually attend class, you just get a booklet and the instructor posts an assignment on her door each week and you have to go online and answer 4 or 5 questions each week and that is all....I know sounds like there must be a catch, but I was assured there isn't one and its an easy A.

    Clinicals schedules depend on which instructor's group you are in. We had 3 groups and we all had different schedules. My instructor was very good about trying to give us a say in when we wanted to do them so we ended up going every other weekend..Friday night to get patient info, Saturday 6:30 to 12:00 and Sunday 6:30 to 12:00. We did this for 4 weekends. Now groups did theirs all 4 weekends in a row but we wanted the extra time in between to get the paper work done, and the instructor was fine with that because it meant she didn't have to be so rushed. So basically it will definately be on the weekends but you won't know the exact schedule until right before it begins.

    I don't know what to tell you about getting accepted because they supposedly go by a points system. All I know is that I had and ACT score of 20 and a 3.2 overall gpa but 3.7 gpa on my prereqs and I actually got a rejection letter in November. Notice I said rejection letter, not a letter saying I was an alternate. So I took that to mean that I was rejected, then the Saturday after New Years I got a phone call asking if I was still interested and if so to be at the school Monday for orientation. I was so excited I cried on the phone and the lady kept asking me if I was ok. So anyway, I really don't know how they pick them, because my letter flat out said rejected not that I was an alternate. I will say that I don't know how many people applied but they only accepted 35. The day classes accept 60 I think, but night classes are smaller. It is very competitive but you just have to not give up...if you don't make it the first time, try again next year and eventually you will get in.

    If you have more questions, just ask.
    Good Luck
  6. by   jg24
    Thanks so much for all of the info. I am so glad that you took the time to explain all of that to me. It was all so helpful. It just makes you feel better sometimes when you kind of know what to expect. Again thanks so much and good luck to you next semester!!
  7. by   dynat
    You're welcome and let me know how it turns out for you. Good Luck!!
  8. by   naenae1979
    I know these post are a little older, but can someone tell me if this is holmes in grenada or jackson, thanks
  9. by   dynat
    The info I posted was for Grenada campus.
  10. by   naenae1979
    Ok thanks... Is it too late for me to apply? I have looked on their website, but all I saw was that one must apply before may 15!
  11. by   naenae1979
    Thank u! Do u know if its too late for me to apply? I looked on the website, and everything said apply by may 15! Thanks again
  12. by   dynat
    You can apply for the evening/weekend program until October 16th.
  13. by   jg24
    I applied for the Grenada campus. What hospital did you have to do your clinical at?
  14. by   dynat
    This changes every semester. I think it depends the hospitals schedules because other schools use some of these same hospitals and you don't want all schools there at the same time. Night classes last semester were divided into 3 groups and went to Houston, Greenwood or Winona. I don't think the day classes went to these hospitals. I went to Houston and I know from talking to them that we were there on the wkends but another school was there during the week, so you can see where that plays a role as far as not wanting schools to overlap. This semester we are going to Grenada, Greenwood and Starkville. So it just depends on what the hospitals in these towns already have scheduled. You will never know until the beginning of the semester when they assign you to a hospital.