1. I have registered to take my ACLS and PALS course (1 day each) the first week of April. Has anybody taken either of these classes recently? I have been studying for my ACLS alot and will start studying for my PALS soon. How much do the classes expect me to already know? Are they hard? What about the megacodes? Im extremely nervous!!!!!!! and just trying to get some info to be better prepared.

    Thank you for your time Have a blessed day.
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  3. by   mikeicurn
    They will most likely expect that you have read through the material and taken the practice tests. They will teach you what you know. You will most likely be in a class with people who range from ER/ICU nurses who seem like they know this all by heart, to first timers who are at the same level as you. You will do fine. Just pay attention and have fun. The megacode can be fun. Everyone will be expected to participate and lead, so you won't be able to stand back and not participate. You will know what to do when it's your turn. I enjoyed both classes and learned a lot.

    Good luck.
  4. by   His_Angel69
    that helps thank you i hope i pass both... my ACLS is on Monday and PALS on that friday... it just seems like alot of info to learn and test off on in one day
  5. by   His_Angel69
    does anyone know of any good websites that can help me be better prepared for my ACLS and PALS?
  6. by   longboarder88
    I know this is probably answering your question too late but it may be helpful for others searching this topic.

    I happend to find these websites for ACLS and PALS when I was preparing to take mine a few months ago. The ACLS one has a lot more information than the PALS, and they are (at this time) current with guidelines.

    Hope this helps anyone in the future!!

    acls-algorithms | Learn PALS the Easy Way
  7. by   FLMSRN
    Anyone have any questions, I am an instructor in ACLS, PALS, BLS, and TNCC...ask away.