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So, I came down with flu symptoms yesterday which had been my huge fear all semester. We are not allowed to come back to school until the fever is resolved for 24 hours. I know it can take 5 days for this to happen and I have class and a clinical day that could potentially be missed. Missing a certain amount of hours = points deducted from my final grade. There's also an exam on Monday and if I miss it and have to make it up, I can only receive up to an 80 on it.

Has this happened to anyone else? Were you penalized for missing class days?

My instructor who is very cold has been very unaccommodating. I even offered to sit in the back of the room (which is a very large room and there are so many rows of seats, people don't come close to filling them) and just leave right after class; she told me, "I have to handle the test and scantron and the germs are droplet."

I take germs very seriously and would try to do all in my best to protect others from germs. It's what we do in the hospital in between patients, but for some reason in the classroom I'm a leper and standard precautions don't exist!

If anyone has been in this situation or can give me advice on what to do, that would be great. I really don't want my grades to suffer or end up failing because of what this could do to my GPA.

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Oh and I'm sorry, I did not mean to post this in 'Pre-Nursing Student'!!

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