Misdemeanor and Driving on suspendeds


I graduate nursing school on December 17. We filled out the application to sit for the boards in WV.

I am a current LPN and did not have any issues but did not have to supply any information and one charge occurred after.

The board sent a message that they need documentation on the following that showed on my background: Driving on Suspended (2014) Driving on Suspended (2017) and Leaving the scene of an accident (2021)


Neither of the driving on suspended was DUI related. My license was suspended for no proof of insurance. The leaving the scene occurred in 2019 but convicted was 2021. It’s a misdemeanor and involved a parked vehicle in a Walmart parking lot that was struck by my vehicle. 

Obviously I know that the board will review and only they can decide. What’s the chances I can’t sit and this was all for nothing? 

Specializes in Caring. Has 4 years experience.

What happened? Did you get to sit for your boards?