60 minutes needle segment

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Did anyone watch "60 Minutes" tonight? Had a segment on needlesticks and the use of needlestick prevention devices in hosptials. I only caught the last half of it, but I wondered if any of you use the devices they featured on the program, if you like them, and how you went about getting them to be used at your facility. My facility doesn't use any needlestick prevention devices (other than sharps boxes). Do you all think prevention devices REALLY make a difference?


I watched the whole segment. I have only used the B&D equipment. I noticed long ago that the equipment that is used to draw blood is responsible for most needle sticks. I also noticed that the so called safety needles made by B&D continued to cause sticks. Have never used the safety needles that the segment claims virutally eliminates post blood draw sticks. It makes me sad to see this confirmation of what a nurses life is worth to the instituions we work for, about $0.25. That is the cost of a real safety needle.

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