Minoring in Business while in Nursing School


  1. Can you handle Majoring in nursing and taking a minor?

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Hello! I am a sophomore Student Nurse at Sacred Heart University and just declared my minor in Global Business Management. I want to know nurses opinions as to whether minoring while in nursing school is a good idea, as well as if going into Global Business Management is relevant. I'm doing this because I want to eventually go into Health Administration and possibly be the head Nurse of ER, or even open up my own rehab center one day. What are your thoughts? Is this a smart move? Can I go far with this? Will this differentiate me from other nurses?

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I did a minor in Spanish. Not sure I could have pulled it off if I'd started as a nursing major instead of changing majors in my sophomore year- I needed 5 full years to graduate.

However, a minor in business is probably not going to cut it for an administrative position. Many positions are going to require an advanced degree, not an entry level nursing degree with a minor in business.

I also can't see it meaning much in a staff nurse application/resume. You'll still be starting as a novice nurse most likely in a position that doesn't require any business knowledge.

About the only benefits I can see are personal enrichment and the possibility that some classes may be accepted as prerequisites to an MBA.